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Welcome to Mindful Presence Ministries

Welcome to Mindful Presence Ministries

Welcome to Mindful Presence MinistriesWelcome to Mindful Presence MinistriesWelcome to Mindful Presence Ministries

Anti-Bullying Expertise

Author and Public Speaker

About Me

Building Resilience

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When we know in our heart of hearts that we are each fearfully and wonderfully made, no lies from a bully can shake our confidence.  Providing tools and suggestions for helping children learn how to move from victim to victor.

Helping Others Find Their Voice

Bully Expert, Dr. Linda S. Locke

Dr. Linda S. Locke is a mother, a grandmother, and an educator for over forty years, having retired as an elementary principal after twenty-one years, Dr. Locke lives in Urbana, Ohio with her husband Jon and teaches several courses as adjunct faculty at Urbana University. She is available for public speaking events to discuss how to help victims of bullying to find their voice and assisting parents and teachers in raising resilient and confident children.
Linda S. Locke, PhD

Workshops and Keynotes

Linda S. Locke anti-bullying motivational speaker

Available to speak with teachers and parent groups to help build skills for helping victims of bullying to find their voice. 


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Rescued For a Purpose

My newest Christian romance published by WestBow Press is now available!

In this story, Megan Whittier is learning to live out her Christian faith as an elementary teacher. While overcoming a difficult childhood, Megan has learned to walk in grace and the presence of Jesus through the everyday things of life. 

Her entire family comes to see how putting God in the center of their lives uniquely brings healing and deliverance from the chains of brokenness. 

Megan is struggling with the possibility of rekindling a relationship with a man who does not understand her faith. 

Together, they journey through some remarkable encounters, bringing them closer to one another

Christian Romance Novel

Christian Romance Novel

New Release

A  compilation of inspirational writings from Christian blogger, Dr. Linda S. Locke.

He Reaches My Heart and Teaches Me, Part2

He Reaches My Heart and Teaches Me, Part 2 is a continuation of writings received as divine inspirations, usually while on the author’s morning walks. These snippets of Godly wisdom come from seeking a genuine relationship with Papa God. Dr. Locke brings meaning and insightful understandings through the regular stuff of life. From thoughts to feelings to pondering the simple events in a day, she has sought and learned from these lessons in heartfelt ways. Journey with Linda S. Locke and enjoy the amazing “aha!” moments as she learns how to commune and partner with Jesus in the moment.

Nothing Better Than Some Grampa Time

Oscar and His Grampa


Oscar is enjoying this delightful book and is intrigued by the beautiful illustrations.

Keep Reading Oscar!

What Do You Do With A Grampa


Delightful story depicted through the eyes of third graders.

My Friend Peter and His Grandson, Oscar


It is never too early to start reading with children. Studies have shown that the amount spent with books prior to school-age provides the greatest positive impact on reading achievement. What better way than to enjoy this delightful story together!

Get your copy today!