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Anti-Bullying Workshops and Presentations

Morning Meetings as a tool to help victims of bullying find their voice.

Using Morning Meetings as a Tool to Help Victims of Bullying Find Their Voice

This is a workshop designed for teachers to build a safe climate for students to talk about feelings and resolve conflicts. Continued practice of using Morning Meetings can be an effective vehicle for victims of bullying to find their voice and learn the problem-solving skills and resilience needed to rise above the hurt of dealing with conflict.

Bully Expert, Linda S. Locke provides a wealth of strategies to help victims find their voice.

Find Your Voice or Bullied No More

This is a 50 minute interactive presentation for parents and teachers to understand the realities of dealing with a bully and provides keys to help children learn skills to effectively cope with conflict.

Linda S. Locke, bully expertise provides workshops to help children find their voice.

School Assemblies

Providing 45 minute anti-bullying workshops interactive assemblies for students, Grades PreK-12 to teach coping strategies to handle conflicts; how to deal with a bully; and encouraging bystanders to find their voice to create a culture of kindness.

Christian key-note motivational speaker

From Victim To Victor

Christian Key-Note Speaker

 Powerful messages provided through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Journey with Dr. Locke as she shares her experiences in rising from trauma to triumph. A variety of topics are readily available, including, but not limited to: 

  • Dealing with family turmoil
  • Finding hope in Jesus
  • Learning to love the "unlovable"
  • From despair to hope
  • Disowned for choosing Christ
  • Drugs, suicide, and a longing for Jesus
  • A voice for the voiceless

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