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Looking For Your Story

I'm working on another new book and I'm looking for stories about how you have been impacted by someone's act of love. Please let me hear your experience of someone who has shown you love in a powerful way.

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Raising Kingdom Kids

Call for Entries


Are you a parent or a grandparent (or other family member) blessed with the honor of raising a child with an evident anointing and calling for the Lord? If so, you most likely understand, first-hand some of those raw, unplanned situations that are all a very real part of this enormous responsibility.

We want to hear your story. 

Tell us what you have learned along the journey. Share your joys, your frustrations, your worries. Describe your own feelings of being called to raise a child who already shows signs of an anointing or gift ministry to further the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Use first person, and tell your story so that others may learn and be affirmed in their own calling 

to raise a Kingdom Kid. Keep it succinct, but real. 

We want to hear and to feel your experiences. 

Each person whose submission is selected for publishing will receive a stipend of $50.00, once the book sales reach the $2,500.00 mark. Additional proceeds will be sown into Kingdom Ministry.

Submission Guidelines


Each entry should be:

  • In the 500-1,500 word range (we will accept up to 2,000 if needed to fully tell your story).
  • Checked for spelling and grammar prior to submission.
  • Given a title
  • Emailed as a Word doc to: or use the submit button above.
  • Prayed over so that your words may pour out the intended blessing to the body.

Have a story, but not sure about writing it?

If you have a story to share about raising a Kingdom Kid, but putting it into writing causes you to shy away, please don't! We would love to help you put your story into our book. You tell the story and we will work with you to make sure it is told just as you tell it.